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Prologue: Tour Loaf Captain's Log 2019

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Prologue In an effort to document the adventures and learnings from this tour, as well as curb my perfectionism, I have decided to keep a log of the happenings on the road as we travel from Austin northeast to Chicago, further east to Rochester, New York and south to Jacksonville, Florida. I will depart from the tour after Jacksonville while the band continues west back to Austin. I am writing in the style of a ship captain's log to facilitate finishing my accounts of each day in a timely manner, and so as not to spend too much time thinking about the tone as I record events. I will give myself thirty minutes each morning to document the events of the previous day. I hope to provide some entertainment and use these logs as a mine of information for learnings for future travels and tours, for myself and other bands and travelers. The Vessel

A 27-foot Class A Motorhome, 1997 Safari Trek. She is called the Magic Tour Loaf, due to her resemblance. She was driven to Austin after purchase from her original captain in Lompock, California, a few weeks prior to our departure on the Last Match Tour.

Meet the Crew

The Captain - Dominick Chaillot, Tour Loaf driver, engineer, and owner, zydeco-funk-punk bassist, chef, mediocre joke teller

Magoon Fletchmo (Megan Flechaus) - FlecHaus emissary and merchandise display designer, namesake and frontwoman of the band, voice of an angel and poetic lyricist of impermanence, astronomy lover McRage (JJ Pereira) - crew member, cajón and auxiliary percussion wizard, perpetually good natured, avid reader, musical theater and sci fi fantasy nerd Molhy (Molly Fischer) - crew medic and merchant, equally important vocalist, queen of sarcasm, cool as a cucumber in a crisis

Myself (Kenzie Slottow) - first officer/navigator, journey planner and scribe, equally important vocalist, lead flautist/piccoloist

Ugly Bear (Ginger) - the Captain's small rough-around-the-edges dog with a natural mohawk and extreme separation anxiety Table of Contents 7-6-19 In which we set out from Austin, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

7-11-19 Here begins the Chicago Fiasco 7-12-19 7-13-19 In which we cram into an SUV and go to Michigan 7-14-19 7-15-19 In which we head to Bourbonnais, Illinois for RV Repairs

7-16-19 7-17-19 In which the band takes a hike

7-18-19 Here ends the Chicago Fiasco

7-21-19 In which the band chases waterfalls

7-22-19, 7-23-19 7-24-19 7-25-19 7-26-19 In which we evacuate the Mother Ship and play in a speakeasy

7-27-19 7-28-19 7-29-19, 7-30-19 7-31-19, 8-1-19 In which the stage is made of dirt and thin boards 8-2-19 Epilogue


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