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Watch The Movie Bonjour Antoine [Updated]




In English. Hollywood. Antoine: You’ve played in some of the world’s best action movies in the past few years, including the Oscar-nominated Kingdom of Heaven, but the reason we’re sitting down to chat is to talk about your latest project, an adaptation of the 1970s British series, Survivors. With TV remakes of The Prisoner and The Triangle being in the works, why did you take on The Survivors? Radu Mihaileanu: I’d like to clarify the first question that was asked: it wasn’t an Oscar-nominated film that I chose. It was the World War II prisoner of war drama about three people who had been buried together and when they were found they had to deal with, for the rest of their lives, not just the loss of their loved ones, but their ways of life. For me, there are two motivations to make movies: either to share my memories with the audience, or to open the gates of the memories in my head to my actors so they can tell their stories. It’s a process I’ve been doing for years: working on a script that makes it possible for me to understand what I had in my mind. When I’m in the process of searching for a story, I need to know what I had in mind while I was watching that film, but I’m also listening to the audience, what’s its feeling for that topic, and in the case of The Survivors, the story was less the acting, and more about the emotions I was trying to tackle, and I feel that it was a very interesting time in terms of theater, a very interesting time in terms of social issues, a time when the idea of total inversion was quite popular. It was the kind of story I could relate to, I could explore and I had no idea what would happen, and by the time we started filming I was very lucky to have the main cast with me: that’s the best thing that can happen when you start a film. Antoine: Was the script specific to your taste? Radu Mihaileanu: Yes. I don’t read English very well and I read the script in Romanian, so my reaction was very specific to that language. As for the character of Antoine, I was mostly inspired by M. Degas in the film, I was almost a caricature of him




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Watch The Movie Bonjour Antoine [Updated]

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