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flute (s)

Flute & Piccolo: Live and remote session work, live performance & improv, custom tracks and samples.



Podcast intros, show theme songs, music to accompany media or live performance.

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consulting & teaching

Flute lessons, gear lessons, help producing that ambitious musical or theatrical thing you're not sure where to start with.


Location Sound

Sound Mixer, Boom Operator for film, TV, and commercial shoots.


g&e dept

Key Grip, Best Boy Grip & Best Boy Electric for film, TV, and commercial shoots.


Other people talking about my music and productions:

"[Sound Worlds] is a rare example of a pandemic-era performance which benefited from and incorporated the unique parameters of live-stream remote performance, beyond simply succeeding in spite of them."

[Natatorium] is amazing!!! It’s a full virtual theatre production with improvised score and is absolutely top notch and absurdly funny!”

"Natatorium was wonderful and spectacular: I can’t even imagine how to coordinate something this ambitious in an online environment and have it feel so smooth and natural!”

"I didn't know the flute could sound like that!"

"[Conduction]: Folks using their instruments in creative and interesting ways always f*ckin gets me goin man. Musicians playing instruments and stuff that doesn’t normally go together but somehow it does? And it’s improv? Hell that’s awesome.”



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