Kenzie is currently a...

flautist/performing artist



Kenzie sees music and collaboration as conduits for promoting empathy, compassion, and understanding. She lives between genres most of the time, and makes sounds that challenge preconceptions of what the flute (and we as a human race??) can do.

As a proponent of contemporary electronic music, Kenzie has premiered works at conferences such as SEAMUS and LATex composition conferences, the National Flute Association Convention, Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, and UT Austin's annual Ears, Eyes, and Feet showcase. She is heavily influenced by the music of Zoe Keating, Lindsey Stirling, Andrew Bird and flutists Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Ian Clarke, and Wil Offermans.

Kenzie's EP "Hold It Up To The Sun" of original music for flute and electronics is built around the concept that looking at something from a different perspective almost always reveals new insights. Currently she plays with the indie soul band FlecHaus and new music collective Density 512 in Austin, Texas, and hosts Conduction events where groups of 5-15 musicians experiment with long-form conducted improvisation. A few her favorite projects include NunaMaana Immersive Dance Theater's Peasant's Masqueradeelectroacoustic flute collabs with Dr. Eli Fieldsteel and Kay He, and recording and premiering the bluegrass chamber opera "Spirit of the Rockies" (The Kruger Brothers).

While studying Classical Flute Performance at the University of Michigan in her hometown of Ann Arbor, she played Irish flute in a band called Killarney Broadcast, studied Hindustani traditional music of North India, and played at weekly bluegrass jams in her dorm lobby. In Austin, Texas where she earned her Master's in Flute Performance, Kenzie added beatboxing, loop stations and pedals to her musical toolkit, and performed with blues-rock jam band Nick's House Band, funk band Funkopotamus, and beatboxer Michael (Maestro) Matson, among other new musical friends. Her YouTube channel content dates from this period of looping experimentation and Austin live music immersion. 

Her principal teachers have been Marianne Gedigian and Amy Porter. Kenzie is based in Austin, Texas.

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