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flute (s)

Flute & Piccolo: Live and remote session work, live performance & improv, custom tracks and samples.



Podcast intros, show theme songs, music to accompany media or live performance.

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consulting & teaching

Flute lessons with a curriculum tailored to your personal musical goals


Production Sound

Record audio for documentary, scripted/narrative, and more.


Other people talking about my music and productions:

"[Sound Worlds] is a rare example of a pandemic-era performance which benefited from and incorporated the unique parameters of live-stream remote performance, beyond simply succeeding in spite of them."

[Natatorium] is amazing!!! It’s a full virtual theatre production with improvised score and is absolutely top notch and absurdly funny!”

"Natatorium was wonderful and spectacular: I can’t even imagine how to coordinate something this ambitious in an online environment and have it feel so smooth and natural!”

"I didn't know the flute could sound like that!"

"[Conduction]: Folks using their instruments in creative and interesting ways always f*ckin gets me goin man. Musicians playing instruments and stuff that doesn’t normally go together but somehow it does? And it’s improv? Hell that’s awesome.”



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