June 8, 2021:

The store is now open with new solo sheet music for beginner and advanced flautists. Check it out in the menu above :)

I'll be improvising flute at Density512's Soundground outdoor installations on these dates between 11am-3pm:
Sat 6/12 at The Contemporary Austin at Laguna Gloria

Sat 6/19 at UMLAUF Sculpture Garden

Sundays 6/20, 6/27, and 7/4 at 1pm CDT, I'm providing musical underscoring for a show that I like to call* Welcome to Shadow Glen (based on the podcast Welcome to Nightvale). Improvised radio hosts at KULT 66.6 keep you up to date on all the small town paranormal happenings. Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/hideouttheatre 

*It's actually called Public Airwaves



I'm Kenzie. I write music, play the flute, tinker with technology and create collaborative productions that explore the limits of possibility. I like to learn, wander the world and converse with strangers. Here are some things that people have said about my music and productions:

"I didn't know the flute could sound like that!"

"Folks using their instruments in creative and interesting ways always f*ckin gets me goin man. Musicians playing instruments and stuff that doesn’t normally go together but somehow it does? And it’s improv? Hell that’s awesome.”

“Legend of Zelda meets Animal Collective, good sh*t!”

"Wow. Dang."

Here is a recent photo of myself that I enjoy: