Private Flute Lesson Information

You can find everything you need about private flute lessons with me on this page. To sign up for lessons, email me at

I create custom-tailored lesson experiences for flute students of all ages and musical interests. My twelve years of private teaching experience (including six in the Austin area and Austin public schools) complement eight years of contemporary music performance and gigging in and around Austin. So whether you're a school-age Austin ISD student, a woodwind doubler who wants to up your flute skills, or a beginner adult dreaming of playing in a Jethro Tull cover band,  I'd be thrilled to help you on your musical journey!

Rates and Schedule

Lesson rates 

$30 / 30 minute lesson
$50 / 1 hour lesson 

I try not to let cost impede anyone from taking lessons. If you have browsed my website and you're interested in what I have to offer but cannot afford my regular rates, email me and tell me why you want flute lessons.  I may be learning an instrument you play, or interested in learning about your area of expertise as a trade (permaculture, UX design, cooking, business administration?). Ask me about a skills trade or about research and writing opportunities.  Please keep in mind that last minute requests for such opportunities are difficult to fulfill. If your home has been affected by a natural disaster, I offer a limited amount of free lessons.



I currently offer primarily virtual lessons via Skype or Google hangouts. Lessons at your home are available if we happen to coincide in the same city (see homepage for my fall 2019 locations).


Teaching Philosophy


What happens when you learn to play a musical instrument? You examine the way you focus, nurture your creativity, practice patience and attention to detail, let loose your sense of wonder and spontaneous joy. If you play with others, you practice collaboration, empathy, compromise, and productive conflict. The better you get at your instrument, the more you exercise critical thinking skills that can be applied to other areas of life. In short, learning to play a musical instrument goes hand in hand with acquiring and refining valuable life skills.

This means that no musical instrument lessons can ever be a waste, no matter how long you end up playing the instrument. And for those who do keep it up for a while, or a lifetime, the benefits only grow!

I focus on the following, to strike a balance between building musical expertise and transferable skills:

Flute fundamentals:
- posture, breathing, embouchure

- tone, articulation, dynamics

Music fundamentals (according to me):
- reading music and playing by ear
- basic theory and aural skills / developing relative pitch
- basic improvisation and composition

Possible areas of focus for intermediate to advanced players:
- interpretation and phrasing
- tuning/pitch
- posture
- weekly etudes and scales, concert solo pieces and chamber music
- preparation for auditions, performances, etc.
- chamber music and collaborations
- contemporary and percussive flute techniques, using flute in various genres and ensembles

- part writing for flute in rock/folk/etc band

- traditional Irish flute playing (on Boehm system or Irish flute)


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