Upcoming Workshops


Saturday, March 6th
11am-12:30pm CST

Let's fill the internet with meaningful art so that when we go back to in-person shows, we can infuse them with what we've discovered. This is a presentation that includes a long Q&A session, where the content can be tailored to the people who show up and what you want to learn! I'll give an overview of these four areas:

1. Getting Started

2. Building and leading your team

3. Tech

3. Taking care of your audience


Sunday, March 14th 2-4pm CDT
(Daylight Savings Day in USA)

Hosted by the Hideout Theatre!

Learn how to run online musical improv classes or jams with live improvising musicians, using Zoom and Audiomovers. We’ve gotten creative with the limitations of live remote musical collaboration. Just because you can’t have people singing harmonies in exact rhythmic unison, doesn’t mean you can’t have epic solos, duets and group numbers. You’ll get a chance to try out the setup and sing to Bryson Kemp’s brilliant piano-playing from wherever you are, too!

I did a lot of experimenting with tech for virtual improv and scripted performances throughout 2020, after few years off of event production. I found my pandemic creative home at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, where I could apply my music, technology and project management background to the production and tech side of online improvisational and scripted shows like Big Day All Alone and Sound Worlds.


Leveraging my 12 years of teaching experience and passion for sharing information, I give workshops on virtual theatre production and tech with a focus on live virtual music performance, because I believe there can be a lot more virtual performance art than is currently being made. We don't need to wait until we can gather again to express ourselves creatively as musicians and performing artists, and the benefit of collaborating with artists from across the globe makes virtual performing arts that much richer!


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