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Workshops and Consultation Info
Music Technology and Virtual Theatre Tech


I've incorporated hardware and software into my music-making since 2011, and enjoy helping other musicians learn the ropes of looping, processing and home recording!

I also explored a lot of streaming performance technology and production in 2020 and 2021 so far.
 I thrive where I can apply my music, technology, organizational and communication skills all at once - so the production and tech side of streaming live performance is a sweet spot for me, and I enjoy breaking it down for others.

I give workshops on virtual theatre production and tech with a focus on live virtual music performance. I find virtual collaboration really worthwhile, since you can work with collaborators from anywhere in the world and accomplish things virtually that might physically be very resource-intensive or otherwise difficult to achieve!

Any upcoming public workshop dates will be posted here, but you can also use my contact page to ask about availability and pricing for private workshops and 1-1 consults. 

My Workshops:

- Intro to Virtual Theatre Production

- Tech for Online Musical Improv

Other Specialties:

- hardware looping, especially with Boss loopstations

- remote live music improvisation
- livestreaming concerts or distributed theatrical performance
- production management for ^


1-1 Technical or Production Consultation 

$50 / 1 hour session

Lessons: Performance Tech, Theory, Music

$60 / 1 hour lessons
$40 / 30-minute lessons

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