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I record sound for a variety of formats, including scripted/narrative, documentary, and more. My production sound recording experience is augmented by my music technology knowledge, collaborative skillset and leadership experience from other professional arenas (music and tech industries).


I can customize sound packages tailored for your production's needs, and have a network of trusted sound mixers, boom operators and sound utility people to collaborate with and recommend for working in teams for projects that I'm not the perfect fit for.


I am especially interested in narrative and documentary projects that center queer stories, and the experiences (historical and current) of marginalized communities.


Production Sound Mixing




Sound Devices MixPre 6 - 6 channel recorder


Sennheiser G3 wireless x 3 channels

Lectrosonics LT Transmitters x2

Lectrosonics SRC Receiver

Sanken Cos-11 omnidirectional lavalier mic x 2

Oscar Sound Techniques TL-40 omnidirectional lavalier mic  x 2

Oscar Sound Techniques 880 omnidirectional lavalier mic


Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone

K-Tek KE-144CCR Avalon Aluminum Boompole


VocoPro SilentPA x 4 for wireless audio broadcast


Tentacle Sync-E Lock-It Boxes x 2

Wind Protection

Rycote Windshield and Windjammer (blimp) for boom microphones

Bubblebee Windkiller Short Hair for boom microphones

Bubblebee Windbubble x2 for lavalier microphones



Growing Pains - Sound Mixer - feature 2023

Queen Takes Bishop - Sound Mixer - feature 2023

All Wounds - Sound Mixer - feature 2023

Affogato - Sound Mixer - short 2023

Scarlett Charlotte - short 2023

Queen Wants Revenge - Sound Mixer - short 2023

I Need Space - Sound Mixer - documentary 2023

Cat Trappers - Sound Mixer - documentary 2023

House of Abraham - Boom Operator - feature 2023

Pizza My Heart - Boom Operator - short 2023

Milly & Milo - Boom Operator - short 2023

Always Content Game Jam - Audio Utility - pilot episode 2023

Mature Women Only - Sound Mixer - short 2022

Silver Jubilee - Sound Mixer - short 2022

Underneath - Sound Mixer - short 2022

Moms in Film - Sound Mixer - documentary 2022

Veronica - Sound Mixer - short 2022

I’ll Be There - Boom Operator - feature 2022

Rearview Mirrors - Boom Operator - feature 2022

Touchy-Feely - Foley Artist - feature 2022

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