Chamber improv is a form of group improvisation between musicians, actors, dancers, poets, etc. in which all players interact and trade off focus throughout. It crosses many musical styles, and uses structures, skillsets and formats of improvisational theatre and chamber music to integrate the roles of the various participants. In jam sessions, participants explore and build skills of focused awareness, collaboration, trust, taking creative risks, and embracing uncertainty through improvised co-creation experiences rooted in the present moment. In performance, chamber improv can be used to craft full-length plays, scenes, songs, or anything, really.

It's a toolset and framework I'm building with Ali Pappa, and we hope it catches on. Inspired and incorporating elements from Conduction gestural vocabulary (Butch Morris) and other forms of musical group improvisation as well.

Join our jams, watch a Sound Worlds show, and/or email me to get notified of monthly events. Events co-organized by Kenzie and Ali Pappa.



Improvised experiments in shaping scenes and stories through music, showing throughout September on

Hayao Miyazaki-inspired narrative with Laxmi Priya, Bala Viswanathan, Kenzie Slottow, Ali Pappa


Shannon Dale Stott & Danielle DaVerona
Musicians: Ciyadh Wells & Kenzie Slottow



Hopefully there will be more soon, we're taking a break right now.

You can find highlights from previous jams here!


"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." - Orson Welles 


We use Conduction - a gestural vocabulary of conducted gestures - mixed with improvisational theater games and concepts to get musicians, actors, spoken word artists and dancers improvising stories and scenes together on the spot. 

In our jam sessions and as we livescore improvised plays, we make new friends, trust and elevate each other's unique musical voices, and listen and let ourselves be affected. We know the limitations of virtual artistic collaboration will make us stronger musicians and collaborators when we transition back to in-person music-making, acting, and dancing in the future.

We strive to curate an inclusive, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ forward creative space, welcoming individuals who are visibly or invisibly disabled, including those who are visually-impaired and/or neurodivergent.


Chamber Improv

Media from past Sessions & Shows:

WATCH us play an improvised piece on 'We Are Austin,' aired on CBS on February 10, 2020.

LISTEN to us improvise three conducted tunes on KUTX's Eklektikos (aired on February 15th, 2020).

Piece conducted by Kenzie on March 8, 2018

More improv pieces conducted by Dino Deane on March 8, 2018. Kenzie on flute.

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