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"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." - Orson Welles 


With a combination of the Conduction® gestural vocabulary plus concepts from improv theatre, we've discovered a way to create some pretty darn engaging online improvised chamber music ("We" meaning me - Kenzie - and some adventurous musician friends). 

Conduction® gestures have similarities to classical conducting ones, but there's little definition of tempo, melodies, harmonies, phrasing. All that musical "content" is left deliberately up to the performers. The leader's job is to tease out a form that makes sense with the content that the performers produce, which is influenced by the combination of styles and musical sensibilities in the ensemble. In our jam sessions we discover what happens when we trust and elevate each other's unique musical voices, and listen and let ourselves be affected like never before!

Online, we can't depend on a thick ensemble texture or fast-moving form like we often do in in-person chamber improvisation. Instead, we have the opportunity to zero in on things that often get overlooked, like passing themes through duos and trios, thematic development and transformation, and sparser sonic environments. While the audio setup is definitely more complicated, we feel it's worth it to be able to play together when we can't gather in person, and learn things that we can then bring back into our music-making in person later on!


Virtual Chamber Improv

Media from past Sessions & Shows:

WATCH us play an improvised piece on 'We Are Austin,' aired on CBS on February 10, 2020.

LISTEN to us improvise three conducted tunes on KUTX's Eklektikos (aired on February 15th, 2020).

Piece conducted by Kenzie on March 8, 2018

More improv pieces conducted by Dino Deane on March 8, 2018. Kenzie on flute.

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