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February 16th, 4pm
Big Medium, 916 Springdale Rd

$10 General Admission

What happens when musicians from different musical backgrounds join forces with an audience in spontaneous co-creation? In an afternoon of conducted musical improvisation fueled by the imaginations of the musicians and audience members alike, we will bridge the divide between musical traditions in real time.With Conduction, a vocabulary of conducted gestures for improvising ensembles developed by Butch Morris, the possibilities are instantaneous and endless. Through intense listening and trust in each others’ instincts, the Conduction framework encourages musicians to transcend their stylistic boundaries while maintaining a cohesive sound. Musicians might leap out of their comfort zones to imitate the sound of crumpling paper, which turns into an eerie orchestrated whisper. A operatic soprano and flute might punctuate a jazz duo’s call and response.

A show for casual listeners and experienced music-lovers, we’ll explore the ways we communicate, listen, and share with others. Together we’ll follow the shared threads of imagination to find cohesion across our stylistic differences and make something strange, unexpected and even beautiful!

Kenzie Slottow

Seetha Shivaswamy, flute
Alan Chen, violin
Diana Burgess, cello
Charissa Memrick, soprano
Bob Hoffnar, pedal steel guitar
Alan Retamozo, electric guitar
Sarah Ann Phillips, keyboard
Mike St. Clair, synthesizer
Jordan Walsh, percussion
Taylor Turner, upright bass

Conduction®: The practice of conveying and interpreting a lexicon of directives to construct or modify sonic arrangement or composition; a structure-content exchange between composer/conductor and instrumentalists that provides the immediate possibility of initiating or altering harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, progression, articulation, phrasing or form through the manipulation of pitch, dynamics (volume/intensity/density), timbre, duration, silence, and organization in real-time.

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