Captain's Log 7-31-19 and 8-1-19

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Day 26: Charlotte to Jacksonville, Florida

As usual on travel days after staying in a place for a while, the morning was spent cleaning and repacking the Tour Loaf. The Captain was uncharacteristically motivated to depart early, which I later discovered would have been much better than what we actually did. Ah well, it is good learning for next time.

We pulled out of Stephanie's at 1235 hours, but it was another hour at least before we got on the road towards Jacksonville. First, we refueled our gasoline and purchased some supplies at an automobile parts store. The next few hours passed without incident as we headed south through South Carolina. At 1630, once we were on the main thoroughfare of I-95 that would take us all the way to our destination, I suggested we stop for gas, a quick meal, the calibration of our new mileage gauge, and to check and remedy our tire pressure. I was aware from my research that we would need to find a truck stop to increase our tire pressure, since typical air pumps would fail to fill our large truck tires, so we found one of these, I thinking myself to clever. Unfortunately, we were unaware of how to go about the task of checking and filling our truck tires, which proved different in more ways than one than with a smaller vehicle. This circumstance immediately heightened the Captain's anxiety. In response, I stress-ate a Subway sandwich, a Dairy Queen blizzard, and downed an ice blue Gatorade. Eventually the Captain solved the problem, by enlisting the staff at a Michelin Tire establishment across the way to check and fill our tires for us. Due to our prolonged stop, the Captain became tired three hours before we reached our destination. I played his choice of loud, familiar music, hoping he would find something he could sing along to. Our moods were dark by the time we arrived at Megan's parents' condominium around 2200 hours. Their hospitality saved the night. They had reserved an RV parking space for us, and had cooked a sumptuous feast of penne with a choice of meat or vegetable sauces, and baked chocolate chip cookies. Kathie and Bill were well-prepared for the meeting of Spanky, their large white dog, and the Ugly Bear. Since Spanky had been known to treat other dogs violently, despite his friendliness towards humans, they had erected a fence that divided the living room from the kitchen. The Ugly Bear and Spanky were kept safely apart, and regarded each other curiously from afar. After the meal, we unloaded our gear into the condominium for temperature-controlled safekeeping, and divided ourselves into the various sleeping arrangements. Kathie and Bill were possessed of a multitude of sleeping arrangements for us, including another entire one-bedroom condominium belonging to a relative, Sandy, a few steps away from their own. Kathie kindly provided linens for the couch in the extra condominium for my bedding, Molhy retired to the bedroom there, the Captain took the extra bedroom at Kathie and Bill's, and McRage and Magoon used the cot and hide-a-bed, respectively, in the living room.

Day 27: Jacksonville, Florida

Streaks of morning light peeked through white shutters in the beach-themed condominium. I had slept marvelously on the couch, in the quiet. Basking in the calm semi-darkness, I picked up my book, the fifth installment of a tale of time travel, love and adventure in Scotland and the early American colonies and read for a time. Molhy eventually emerged from her bedroom and went exploring in the direction of the beach we had heard about from Magoon's parents the night prior.