Captain's Log 7-6-19

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Day 1: Austin to Denton, Texas There’s a first time for everything. Driving in an RV, sleeping in an RV, cooking in an RV, rolling and tying the band t-shirts with color-coded strings by size (in an RV), blogging in an RV, you get the idea. Yesterday was all of those! This is a log of the maiden voyage of the Magic Tour Loaf.

The reader should note that I am not the Captain. The Captain steers the Tour Loaf, while I sit at the kitchen table and document the happenings.

The Magic Tour Loaf: a 27-foot giant loaf of white bread on wheels

Our first day of the tour was a success. We embarked at 1330 hours from Austin, and made the quarter-mile trip to the gas station with no trouble. The crew let out a collective cheer as we arrived! The day’s real driving was a suitable introduction to the road: a 3.5 hour stretch of flat, straight highway to Denton, Texas. The weather was fair, except for a light rain entering Dallas. This gave the Captain an opportunity to acclimate to the pushing and pulling aerodynamic forces of other large vehicles passing us on the road, without having to worry about other adverse conditions or tricky turns.

We arrived in Denton around 1700 hours and made a grocery stop to stock up on staples with the first week of Grocery stipends from our band account. There I learned that if you are traveling in an RV, you do not need to worry about remembering where you parked at the grocery store - the Tour Loaf towers over the other vehicles. We pulled into the parking lot at Backyard on Bell, our first tour venue, around dinner time. We were home for the night, and mere steps from the stage! This made all of us feel happy and at ease. We cooked simply for dinner, learned how to operate the propane stove. During dinner, we had an unexpected visitor, which made the Tour Loaf feel like home (when a friend knows where to find you, and comes to knock on your front door, that’s home). My good friend Rachel Woolf came by to pick up her alto flute, which I