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Peasants' Masquerade (2017)

Live flute and one extra peasant appeared in the December 17th run of The Peasants' Masquerade, a show by NunaMaana Immersive Dance Theatre in Austin, Texas. Comedy, costume and improv? Sign me up! 

I Hear You

Yuki Ishiguro Collabs (2015)

Manhattan-based contemporary breakdancer Yuki Ishiguro and I choreographed a few songs from the Hold It Up to the Sun album. You can read more about the music for the album on the Composition projects page. The choreography and songs were performed at the Gardner Museum in Boston in August, 2015. The poi dance for Sunbursts was created later.

Demon Dance

Sunbursts: Yuki solo with visual poi

I Hear You

For Harriet

Robot Song 

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