Live Off Your Passion Journal Part 3: Reframing Connections

Updated: May 2, 2019

Last week I felt pulled in a million different directions. By the end of it, I was thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t write a blog about the course about this week - I’d rather wait until I have more progress to share.” Then I realized being nervous about sharing my progress isn’t an excuse not to write; rather, it makes for a perfect opportunity to practice vulnerability. So here we go!

Creating Your Environment

Module 3 of Living Off Your Passion is all about surrounding yourself with people who support and inspire you to do "impossible" things. LOYP calls these people "passionate people." Passionate people come in many different forms. It could be individuals who are working on the exact skills or goals as you, or people who share the same core beliefs as you and apply them to a completely different set of skills. It could include people who you gravitate toward because they make you feel loved and valued, which is probably an indicator that they love and value themselves, and are able to then extend that feeling to others. If you feel great about your group of friends and the people you spend the most time around, there are likely to be passionate people in that group. If you feel held back by the people you hang out with or work with, this module provides a variety of tools for finding those people and building your community, as well as kindly moving away from people who suck energy and passion from you and make you feel like you cannot achieve the things you set out to do.

Here's a shortlist of some of the suggestions in the module for getting passionate, inspiring people in your corner. These are the ones that resonated with me most:

  • Being vulnerable, and sharing your struggles as well as your successes

  • Making connections with people you genuinely want in your life, instead of superficial connections that are purely for career advancement. This one really hit me - I’ve always disliked the term “networking” and the idea of superficial connections, and LOYP suggests that you shouldn’t make any of those. Anybody you connect with, you should actually want to keep in your life. Along those lines, they also suggest that one should "connect long before you want something...No one wants to connect with someone who’s just out to get something.”

  • Creating a routine that gets you to hang out with the friends you already have that are passionate and/or inspiring, like working out together, or making dinner together once a week

  • Listing the passionate people you know and some you don’t, and identifying which ones you want to spend more time with or reach out to

  • Finding opportunities around your town or city to meet new passionate people

I think I’ve filled my life so far with a group of pretty inspiring friends and colleagues. It was easy to list friends and family who inspire me, so acting on this module was a matter of starting to spend more time around those people.

Wins this week

  • Reached out to a few inspiring friends who I wanted to spend more time with: my amazing grad school flute professor, Marianne Gedigian, and my friend Adam, who has built and rebuilt his own career around his emerging passions in music, photography, videography, technology, writing, and many other pursuits.

  • Met up with a good friend and colleague of mine, composer Nick Clarke, to discussed a musical project dream that I have but have up until now been too afraid to fail to get started (Conduction). We identified some baby steps I could take to get it rolling in a manageable but meaningful way! More on that to come.

  • Spent